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Bee Oh Bee

A New Bee Adventure Game

An unique adventure is calling you. Lot of innocent and
cute honey bees are homeless because of some strange disease. They need YOUR help. Get ready to flap YOUR wings and let YOURSELF fly to help them by controlling
the GOD BEE, bee that live in the sky.

When you play this game:
  • You will explore 5 different places starting from small home yard, autumn garden, coldy snowy fields, sakura park until hot desert.

  • You will be challenged to accomplished more than 50 unique and dangerous levels.

  • You will discover 13 species of little honey bee that need YOUR help starts from common little bee, indian
    little bee, rich little bee
    , and much more.

  • You will encounter 16 type of enemy bugs that wanna pancaked you and the honey bee. They are various starts from common greeny little grasshopper, naughty punk grasshopper kid, crazy grasshopper with C4 Bomb on his body, until Super Giant Grasshopper Boxer, and much more.

  • You will meet and control 4 friendly God Bee. They are Syd, Cylia, Lucia and Samuro. All of them have different and unique skill w

  • You can grab 6 power ups and 8 types of honey.

Technical Information:
Game Size: 17MB
Platform: Windows 98+
Processor: 500 MHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher
Video: 16 MB Video Card

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